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Ms Égető was born in Subotica in 1932. She finished her primary school, Grammar school and Secondary Music school in the class of professor Lajos Bordas in Subotica and graduated at the Music Academy in Belgrade. She got her M.A. degree in choral conducting in 1980 in Belgrade in the class of the renowned professor Vojislav Ilić. She devoted almost forty years of her teaching career to promote classical music by teaching counterpoint and forms in Music school in Subotica. She was awarded several prizes of her hometown, Subotica, among which the Bodrogvári Ferenc Diploma in 1979 and The Honorary Citizen Diploma in 2001 are the most important ones to her. She is the reviewer of the textbook: vocal and instrumental counterpoint and musical forms. She was invited to continue her teaching career at the Music Academy in Novi Sad on several occasions.

She has devoted her whole life to her only love, music, whose great connoisseur she is. It was her life dream to vivify and bring closer to contemporary listeners European choral literature, especially from the period of renaissance and baroque.

Her work was most highly praised by many top experts in choral music, composers and professors, including Mihailo Vukdragović, Mladen Jagušt, Rudolf Matz, Enriko Josif, Rajko Maksimović and Vojislav Ilić.

She has left an indelible mark in the development of choir singing, the musical life of the town and in the education of numerous generations of musicians, among which we would like to mention: choir conductors Gabriella Pekanovity, Éva Gubena, Szilvester Hajnal, Fedor Prodanov, an organist Alen Kopunović Legetin, soloists Gabor Molnar, Alenka Ponjavić, Izabela Molnar Međeri, Hajnalka Keveček, Gordana Kostić, Robert Toth, Miklos Klein…………

After the jubilee concert held in 1998, the professor and composer at the Music Academy in Belgrade, Mr Slobodan Atanacković, said: “I first met Gabriella Égető as a student and she was a wonderful, quiet, modest person, but full of volcanic temperament, as her surname suggests it. She is an extremely important person for any society, a person who is capable of carrying not only the culture of a town, but the culture of the people living in that town, too.”